Canada's Top Personal Financial Planning Software!

provided free to all Canadians

by The School of Public Policy, University of Calgary

ESPlannerBASIC Canada is a free educational tool that helps take much of the guesswork out of financial planning.

It calculates how much you should spend, save, and insure each year to maintain your living standard. It can also show you how changing jobs, contributing to retirement accounts, having children, moving homes, retiring early, waiting to collect pension benefits, and other personal financial decisions will affect your sustainable living-standard.

You can compare ESPlanner's spending, saving, and insurance suggestions with your current financial choices. You can also use ESPlanner to consider alternative scenarios about how long you will work, how much you will earn, the return you'll receive on your savings, the future rate of inflation, how tax rates will change, etc.

Please enter your current financial data carefully and make conservative assumptions about your future financial situation. ESPlanner is only as reliable as the inputs you enter.

We are providing ESPlannerBASIC Canada to encourage sound financial planning and promote financial literacy among all Canadians. ESPlanner BASIC will, we hope, help you improve your current financial plan and find safe ways to raise your future living standard.

Data you enter into ESPlanner is safe and confidential because it's anonymous. We request neither your name nor any other personal identifiers.

ESPlannerBASIC was developed by Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff through his company Economic Security Planning, Inc.

Disclaimer: ESPlannerBASIC Canada and other products developed by Economic Security Planning, Inc. are purely educational tools designed to provide you some general input in mapping out your financial future. Its suggestions do not constitute either a partial or complete financial plan. The creators of ESPlannerBASIC Canada and other tools developed by Economic Security Planning, Inc. are not certified, registered, authorized, or any other type of financial planners. Neither ESPlannerBASIC Canada nor any other tools developed by Economic Security Planning, Inc. provide economic, financial or tax advice, which can only be delivered to you by authorized professionals.
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