Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, Boston University, and President of Economic Security Planning, Inc.

Image of Laurence KotlikoffThanks for visiting our site. I've spent much of my academic career studying personal financial behavior. In the course of these studies, I realized two things. First, economics' approach to financial planning is very different from the conventional approach. Frankly, it generates much more sensible financial advice. Second, economists have an obligation to use their tools and science to help people make proper life-cycle financial decisions.

I've spent over two decades with colleagues in my company developing economics-based personal financial planning software. Thousands of individuals and a growing number of financial planners, with no economics background, have found our software tools easy to use and understand. And many individuals and professionals are turning to our planning services that involves our planning directly for households and doing back office planning for clients.

All questions in personal finance boil down to your living standard. And all our products, be they planning tools or direct planning services, are designed to safely raise and protect a household's living standard.

Please visit our websites to review our products and services, read our press clippings, and see our customer reviews. Also bear in mind that we aren't here to sell or help sell any financial products. Nor are we licensed financial planners. Furthermore, we provide no advice or recommendations, whatsoever, about investing, be it about how much to invest within broad categories of securities or what specific securities to purchase. Our software and Direct Planning Service can help you understand the risk to your living standard of making alternative investments. Our Direct Planning Services simply run our software for you or help you run it yourself and then assist you in understanding and tweaking the results.